Green Map - “Awasi Husma” 


After every project, we are trying to plant one or more tree where ever it is possible because it’s our duty to protect our environment as the youth of Sri Lanka. Later, we got an idea to collect all the information about the plantation, to track their growth and the scattering of the plants we have planted during the projects all over the country.

So, we designed an e-map which includes all the details about trees that we planted.


‘Awasi husma’ The Green map includes the location, the regular name and the scientific name of each plant and the number of trees we planted.

From this initiative, anyone could learn the scientific names of lots of plants as well. Learning about the environment will help us to understand how our decisions and actions affected the environment. It will develop our bond between the man and nature.

This is an innovative and wakeful initiative as we are always motivated to color more places on the map. The map is open for all the Leos around the world and they can observe what we have done throughout the year. The Importance of trees cannot be limited. So, this project “Awasi Husma” pave the path to decorate the Mother Nature in green.

As the IT team of Leo club of University of Moratuwa we will ensure that the “Green Map” “Awasi Husma” will be updated after every project, to show the contribution of our club towards the environment.

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