LEO Ape Awurudu

The dawn of month April fills the hearts of Sinhalese as well as Tamil people with prosperity, happiness and satisfaction, because it concludes the harvest season. The transition of the Sun from the House of Pisces to the House of Aries indicates the beginning of a New Year according to Sinhalese culture. Festive mood with various sweetmeats, auspicious times, various rituals enhance the enthusiasm in minds.


To experience this precious ceremonial function with its rituals and cultural games, Leo Club of University of Moratuwa conducted an outstanding Awurudu function at the University Lagaan premises, on 6 th April 2019 from 9.00 in the morning with the participation of Leos, prospects and past Leos.

An attractive village house with the owners of it, Gama Mahatthaya and his beloved wife added an extra beauty to the program. Wife of Gama Mahatthaya, the lady in the house lit the hearth and cooked a pot of milk rice signifying prosperity. All the participants got the chance of tasting this milk rice and other sweets specially made with deliciousness. After the rituals, the Awurudu games commenced.

It was heart touching to see all the members playing together without concerning about any other factors but only the brotherhood. The most fascinating item in the function was the pillory and most of the members were given the opportunity to obtain an experience with the pillory and some situations are unforgettable. Bridging friendship together traditional games and joyous activities were the theme of the day.

At the end of this blissful event, all the winners were given delectable gifts, which were opened just after the distribution. All the participants, whether winners or the defeated, got an equal opportunity of tasting the distributed sweets. The donation of past Leos of the club to appreciate the President Leo Kasun Ramanayaka was a special moment. All the participants were thrilled and built an everlasting bond succeeding the purpose of the event.


Alone Paw Prints

There are around 3 million street animals in Sri Lanka, and many are suffering immensely from malnutrition, various diseases and horrific injuries. Around University of Moratuwa, there are nearly 50 hungry stray animals, while there is a huge food wastage in canteens. So we thought that we would be able to use that wastage, for the purpose of mere humanity. The project idea of Alone Paw Prints raised as a twinning project with Leo Club of University of Delhi.

On the 19 th March, we arranged special boxes and kept them in canteens to collect leftover food from students. Within few hours, we were able to collect the expected amount of food in our food boxes. Large green leaves found at university premises were used as plates. After mixing the collected food with cooked fish and pumpkin, we packed them to food boxes and 3 teams walked far away on the streets searching for dogs. There, in some streets from the begining till the end there were no animals to feed. However, when it came to the end, after few hours we were able to feed more than 50 stray animals.


Almost all the activities of this project were conducted by the members of Leo Club of University of Moratuwa. At the end of the project, all of us were very happy since we did a great deed by taking care of some lonely animals whom seem to be noticed by no one. The project was done successfully as we planned and right after this project, a lot of animal lovers were interested in joining with us. At the same time, the feedback was amazing. As a witness, we were able to give at least a little relief for a day to those poor and miserable lives in street and also show people how to use wasted food for a better purpose. Finally, the project ended as another social service which was conducted by the Leo Club of University of Moratuwa.


For the Betterment of the Society

The reason that Leo Club of University of Moratuwa became the Most Outstanding Leo Club in Sri Lanka, in the previous year was the untiring effort of Leos, which made to steer the society towards the advancement of humanity embedded with compassion. With the beginning of this new year 2019, UoM Leos have initiated another program for the betterment of the society through a video series that carry out a voice, to make people think differently. In the first video, it highlights the matter of not to utter a single word that would inflict pain on another’s heart even for a split of a second.

The first video of this series was released on 1 st of January with a little newer concept. As most of us know there is a junction in Ratmalana, located near the School for Deaf and Blind that has been called “Golu Madama” for over a long period of time. Sometimes, these two small words might have hurt the feelings of hundreds of students studying there, their parents and almost anyone related to them. But, the actual name of this place is “Borupana Handiya”, which is not widely used in society, and using this name would not recall them that they are differently abled. So, why do we hurt someone for over a few words? It is so simple as that, hereafter, we can call this junction “Borupana Handiya” rather than “Golu Madama” and not upset someone anymore. This is the small idea elaborated in this first video.


This video has been uploaded to the UoM Leos YouTube Channel to make the public aware of this great endeavour. Here, in the video Leo Kasun Ramanayake, Leo Praminda Vindika, Leo Chathuranga Saman and Leo Thilina Prasad act highlighting the value and the importance of this small fact which matters a lot. In the future, more and more videos would come out to make people rethink about these types of drawbacks in the society.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQeVKiJ-g9w


Kolomthotin Yalpanamata

The sun rises from east to west, but still, it carries the same heat all-around. Sun shows us all that there is no difference between any of us who lives anywhere. North or south, east or west, there are only Sri Lankans with the same blood in this motherland. It is Yaldewi who carries the love and affection from south to north, which is not just a train, but a blood vein that connects us all together. So UoM Leos, carried the warmth of harmony and happiness from Colombo to Jaffna through the same blood vein for the 3 rd consecutive year on 12th and 13th of January 2019.

But this year, it was more than a Pongal celebration. UoM Leos together with the Sri Lankan Army Vijayabahu Regiment 10 th Battalion distributed stationeries to flood affected school children at Aliyawalai C.C. Tamil Mixed School in Jaffna.


Beach cleaning project was one of the best projects done during those two days as that beach was full of scattered waste and it was sad to see such an unclean place that harms the beauty of our motherland. Since it is one of our utmost duties to clean the environment UoM Leos did it with a great motive and the pleasure of leaving a beautiful country to the future generation.

The best experience came in the evening of the 2 nd or the last day, when we played cricket matches with our nations’ guardians. It is always a pleasure and an honor to spend time with them and we were blessed to spend a whole day with them.

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” Kolomthotin Yalpanamata is also a step towards peace and unity among Sri Lankans.


වර්ණ- අදියර 1 (Warna - Phase 1)

 “උගතමනා ශිල්පයමයි මතු රැකෙනා” as this olden Sinhala phrase depicts whatever we got through education will last forever. As university students, we know the importance of free education and the effect of a better education environment in one’s life. So we all have the responsibility to give today’s students something better than what we received. Bearing this motivation in our mind, and with the aim of adding colours to the world of those little children, “වර්ණ phase 1” came to the stage, as a collective effort of many.

“වර්ණ phase 1” was conducted at Katupuliyankulama Vidyalaya, which is located in a rural area near the border of Wilpaththu forest. The project continued for two days on 22nd and 23rd of December with the collaboration of UoM Leos with many social activists. During this first phase of the project, classrooms and all the furniture within them were repaired and painted to bring a fresh look to the learning environment in the coming new year.
At the end of two days, the project concluded with a success hoping that the little students will love the change they’ll see when the school starts in a few days. 


LEAP - Learn | Engage | Apply | Perform

Leaders are born within ourselves not by hiding among the others shadows, but by coming forward and facing the challenges and learning step by step from those mistakes. But, the quality of coming forward do not come from ourselves very often, when we are younger. LEAP is not just a project but it also a part of UoM Leos vision in bringing the leaders forward since their school life.



LEAP phase 2 was held on 20th and 21st October at Ko/Parakrama Maha Vidyalaya, Madakubura. School was located in the valley of two beautiful mountains, and there the amazing environment and the everlasting cool climate gave UoM Leos an additional inspirational feeling before starting the LEAP.

Leadership improving activities were held throughout the two days with some fun events in between them. But unfortunately, camp fire was not held due to the rain in the evening. Due to the bad weather, UoM Leos had to make a quick route for the hike in the morning and it brought the leadership and quick thinking of the Leos into test. One of the best hikes was on show during the LEAP 2.0

In the end, LEAP 2 brought an emotional ending for all the UoM Leos, who were there, because of the heartwarming feedbacks of the students. “It’s always nice if the plans work well, but the real pleasure comes if we do things better, under unexpected circumstances”  Just a thing to remember for the Leos.





Avurudu Waram - Twinning

“The Erabadu flowers bloom,
Cuckoo sings cu-ckoo,
Firecrackers go boom,
Sinhala and Tamil New Year knock our doors...
Passing the message,
Shall we celebrate New Year,
With the people who missed their childhood?”

Avurudu Waram is another amazing project organized by the Leo Club of University of Moratuwa District 306A2 twinned with Leo Club of St. Michel’s Institution of Leo District 308B2 to celebrate Sinhala and Tamil New Year with the children who missed their parental love, affection and care in their childhood. It was held on 22nd of April at Sarvodaya Suwasetha children’s home, Baddegama, Sri Lanka and Precious Gift Orphanage Society, Perak simultaneously.




Leos who participated in this event in both countries did their maximum to entertain the children and bring laughter to their faded faces. A meal filled with avurudu sweets was prepared at the children’s home, Baddegama and they were able to join with different avurudu games and events. Finally, we successfully conclude both of the projects while passing the true message of Sinhala and Tamil New Year.


View full album: https://www.facebook.com/pg/UOMLEOS/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10155773448443369https://www.facebook.com/pg/UOMLEOS/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10155773448443369


Navigation - Leadership Camp

Leadership is unique to everyone. Each and every leader has their own style. In order to built trust and enhance leadership abilities and team skills of students of WP/Mt Halwala C.W.W. Kannangara Maha Vidyalaya, we, UoM Leos conducted a two-day leadership camp on 20th and 21st of January at their school premises. We hope that this broadens students' both personal and interpersonal skills.

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The Drama “ඒකා සාක්කුවේ”

Service to be done, opportunities to be taken, courage is already there so we have to have the collection. For collect in a creative way, we, the UoM LEOs staged a drama as a fundraising project.

‘Eka sakkuwe’ was a popular drama which was a proud production of Mr Sarath Kothalawala. It was staged on 25thof October 2017 at Old gym of University of Moratuwa, in two shows, 4.30pm and 7.00 pm. So many university students and even Leos too came to watch this drama, and we were able to see the queue of hopeful joyful spectators before show times. The well-known actors who were present in the drama performed their best to convey the message of the drama to the audience. And we could conclude it as todays drama which touched the core of the hearts of audience by seen the feedback of the invitees and spectators.

The great writer Shakespeare has told that life is a stage and we are mere actors on it. So we provided the chance of visualizing the reflection of our selves for two hours by conducting this project. Ultimately this can be nominated as a successful project which satisfied the Leoism once again.

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DaVinci - Art Competition 2018

Colours combined with the traces drawn from a tip of a pencil can perfectly recreate the world they see, for those who are unable to express themselves as we do. 'DaVinci', the drawing competition conducted by Leo Club of University of Moratuwa, together with the Leo Club of Piliyandala, Leo Club of Baddegama, Leo Club of Mattegoda and Leo Club of Polgasowita was successfully held on 14th of February 2018, aiming the little ones in the School for Blind and Deaf, Rathmalana. Here are some memories left behind to remember the service done through the language of kindness, that even the deaf can hear and the blind can see. #DaVinci #ArtCompetition #Children #306A2


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Golden Netz

Golden Netz’ was an Indoor Cricket Tournament which was organized for Leos of Leo Multiple District 306. It was proudly organized by Leo Club of University of Moratuwa - The Most Outstanding University Leo Club in Sri Lanka in Leoistic year 2016/2017 together with other twelve most active Leo Clubs in Sri Lanka, representing all six Leo districts for the 3rd time. This time the tournament was held on 4th of February 2018, the day which Sri Lankan’s celebrated the 70th year of independence, at X-Sport Arena, Mattakkuliya.

The opening ceremony of golden Netz 2018 took place with the participation of Leo Multiple District Secretary of Leo Multiple District 306 Sri Lanka, Leo Kesari Seneviratne and Past District President Lion Tuan Roshan Latiff. The tournament ran out throughout the day including ten team matches and grand finale. The final match was in between team represented Leo Club of University of Moratuwa and Leo club of Sri Lanka Technological Campus. After having a competitive finale the trophy was won by the Leo club of
Sri Lanka Technological campus. The winning team was awarded the winner’s trophy and ten thousand rupees cash price, while team Leo Club of University of Moratuwa received runners-up award. Hereby we would like to thank all participants who got together with us to make it a success.

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ලියෝ පැදුර – 2018

Leo Padura

දුරුතු මස 28 වන ඉරු දිනේ, හිරු බසින හයේ කනිසමේ, ගම්මැද්ද...
බිංදු බිංදු පින්න වැටී ලා තණකොළ හිනාවෙද්දි ,

මල් වැටිච්ච ගවුම ඇදන් නුඹ මා හට වුණෙ මුලිච්චි ,

තාල තබන වේලාවේ තම්මැට්ටම් දා සිරික්කි ,

හිච්චි නගේ නුඹෙ රූපේ මගෙ රූ පෙට්ටියට වෙච්චි,

ඉරි සරමට කමිසය ඇදි ඒ අය්යා වරද වෙච්චි ,

කොයි එකටත් ඒ අය්යත් රූ පෙට්ටියෙ තියාගද්දි,

බෙර තාලෙයි ගීත හඩයි අද තවමත් මතක් වෙද්දි,

ලියෝ පැදුරෙ මතක ගොනුව මුහුනු පොතේ පලකෙරෙච්චි.

ලියෝ පැදුර මතක් කරව් මේ රූ පෙල දැක බලද්දි.

#uomleos #LeoPadura #leomd306 

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Akurata Eliyak

Akurata Eliyak was a project organized by UoM Leos, joining hands with the Lions club of Dehiwala North, to lighten up the life of the school children who try to win their life with the name of education. It was held on 27th of December at the Batuwangala Central College, Neluwa which was a school affected from the flood.

In this project, we were able to fulfill the need of a computer lab with necessary equipment which was a shortage since last few years in this school. We donated about 5 lakh LKR worthy school accessories including photocopy machines and instruments for the aesthetic unit.

Not only that but also the sound system and the computer lab of the school was repaired with the help of Leos and prospects who joined this event. We hope that our effort was a huge strength to the students of this school and we were able to do our duty towards the society once again through this remarkable project “Akurata Eliyak”.

Akurata Eliyak 1 Akurata Eliyak 2

View full album : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155513023093369.1073742252.128029283368&type=1&l=6807fe5c2e











අපිටත් නත්තල්

සීතල උදුවප් මාසයේ මාපිය උණුහුමට ගුලිවෙමින්, නත්තල් අසිරිය විඳ දරා ගන්නට දහසක් බලාපොරොත්තු හදවතේ ඇති වුවත්, එය අත්විඳීමට තරම් වාසනාව නොලද්දාවූ බොහෝමයක් දරුවන් අප අතරම සිටී. තවත් එවැනි දරු කැලකට අස්වැසිල්ලක් වෙමින්, උදාවූ නත්තල් අසිරිය ඔවුන් සමග සෙනෙහසින් බෙදා ගැනීමට, මොරටුව විශ්වවිද්‍යාලයේ ලියෝ සමාජයේ අපි තීරණය කළෙමු.

එම පැතුම පෙරදැරි කරගෙන, දෙව් සෙනෙහස ලොව පැතිරෙන අසිරිමත් නත්තල් උදාවට හෝරා කිහිපයක්පමණක් තිබියදී, උඳුවප් මස 24 දින සවස්‌ යාමයේදී, අපි ගාල්ල, බටගන්විල “සුවසෙත” ළමා මධස්ථානයට පියමන් කළෙමු. සිඟිති මුව සිනහවෙන් සරසන්නට නත්තල්  තෑගි පිරිවරාගෙන එහි ගොඩවූ අපි, ඔවුන් සමගින් හෝරා කිහිපයක්ම විනෝදාස්වාදයෙන් යුතුව ගත කළෙමු.


නත්තලේ සැබෑ අරුත ඔවුනට හරිහැටි අවබෝධ වූවාදැයි නොදැනුනමුදු, ඔවුන්ගේ සිඟිති ලෝකය සතුටින් පුරවන්නට අප වරක් හෝ හේතු වූවා යන සිතුවිල්ල සමගින්, අකමැත්තෙන් වුවද ඔවුනට සමු දෙමින් අපි නික්ම ආවෙමු.


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