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‘IT’S US’ – The Official Monthly Newsletter of Leo Club of University of Moratuwa, is the bulletin that keeps track the records of the milestones in UOM Leo’s journey through Leoism. It’s the official platform that brings out who we are and what we do to the outside world. Each newsletter carries the details of almost all the projects we carry out within a month as a wrap up of every social task we perform. Year by year, the bulletin was improved with new article series and attributes that win the hearts of the readers.

For Leostic Year 2018/2019, we were able to release altogether 10 newsletters monthly, including the year-end special issue under the 15th Edition. All of them carried not only the details of the projects we conducted within each month but also the creativity, mindset and the perspectives each editor willed to share with the world.


For Leostic Year 2017/2018 also, we were able to release 10 newsletters under the 14th Edition including the year-end special issue.


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